Children learn language primarily through playing games and singing songs suitable to the ages of the children in the class.  Popular games include Jacques a dit… (Simon says), Treasure Hunt, Jeopardy, Noughts and Crosses, board games, quizzes and guessing and memory games. Sometimes the children use puppets, do role play and sometimes they will do some art and craft but every lesson always includes lots of playing and singing.  Available in your home, my home, Skype or one of the classes at Kidzplay or Laughing Giraffe.  See Fees and Times  

What the children have said about the classes:

I love the songs, my favourite is Frere Jacques.

I love all the games and my favourite is Hunt Georges.

I like the sticker charts.

I like playing all the games with the other children and making new friends.

I like playing tig in Kidzplay after French.

And what the grown ups have said:

My son started French with Angela at nursery, then once he started school, he attended the Kidzplay classes and this summer attended one of the 3 hour summer workshops too.  The sessions are always fun and interactive with songs, games, cutting & sticking etc. so I don't think he realises he is learning and always enjoys the sessions. The French is definitely being absorbed though as he has quite a big vocabulary already and it's lovely to hear him singing French songs at home. Jo Davies   Autumn 2019

Angela has taught French to my 5 and 6 year old daughters for the past school year. They both very much enjoy attending the weekly sessions at Kidzplay. The lessons are interactive and fun, with lots of variety in each session from sampling French foods, arts and crafts and singing. 

 In order for them to retain the knowledge they had learnt in the year, we signed them up to the summer workshops which are 3-hour sessions. They proudly finished the workshops in good spirits, having made new friends, armed with posters they had made about France and certificates!

 They are both very happy to be joining the weekly classes again from September. Rebecca Honeybunn Summer 2019

Angela has taught my children since they were 3 and 6 years old and I have seen a noticeable improvement in both their French vocabulary and their enjoyment of learning the language.  Angela's lessons for young children are fun, varied and tailored to meet the children's needs.  The young children learn through playing games, singing and activities based on fun and engaging themes. She has a friendly, patient and encouraging manner and I highly recommend Angela as a French tutor.  Amy Lund, May 2018

Our twin granddaughters, Lily and Felicity (age 6), have really enjoyed two terms of Fun French at Kidzplay with Angela. They have clearly been enthusiastic to go every week to learn something that is not offered at school yet and they enjoy putting what they learn into practice on holiday with the family. The beauty of learning French through fun at a young age is that the girls are pronouncing the sounds un-self-consciously and we feel that later on, learning the language will seem natural to them. Charles Cross, Summer 2016

Elodie has really enjoyed her time at Kidzplay with Angela, over 2 years now and something she looked forward to every Wednesday. The whole idea is to make it simple and fun and Angela does this very well, along with very affordable rates it creates a very worthwhile exercise. Christian Meyer, Summer 2016

 My daughter has been learning French with Angela for just over 4 years since she was almost 4 years old.  Recently she has started learning over Skype to fit in with our time schedules.  Angela makes the lessons fun with music and games but with a structured topic which the girls learn without really knowing!  Louise Hewson, Summer 2014

Angela has been teaching French to my children for about 1 year. The lessons are constructed in such a way that my children find it fun rather than hard work.  Angela is a patient, highly motivated teacher who is encouraging and considerate.  My children really enjoy learning a second language and I would highly recommend Angela to anyone who wishes to learn or improve their French.  S Wytchard, Summer 2014

Harry age 6 has been attending French at The old foundry in Boroughbridge for the past year and he loves it. The classes are fun and different each week with songs to learn and games to play. Harry loves the reward stickers at the end of each session and has made great progress. Harry asked to learn another language just for fun and has impressed his teachers at school with what he has learnt in the lessons.  He is always singing the songs at home and his younger brothers try and join in too. Harry looks forward to going each week and it has been great for his confidence.   Sue Broomhead, Summer 2014

The Skype classes have to be less hands on and therefore are most suitable for children over 9 years.  However, it is possible for younger children to benefit from short Skype lessons if a parent or older sibling is able to sit in with them.  Fun powerpoints are used regularly which incorporate many different games and so there is still plenty of singing and playing.

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Buying fruit and vegetables role play at Fun French for Children Class at Kidzplay, Harrogate