Regular tuition for GCSE exam preparation or one off sessions to work on a specific area.  Lessons are tailored to the student’s needs and so could therefore focus on any of the four skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing or indeed a mix of all.  Emphasis will also be placed on understanding French grammar and increasing French vocabulary as required by the relevant GCSE exam board and for the new style GCSE exam.

Angela has provided William with structured support and positive feedback which always encouraged him to try hard. She is reliable and has inspired my son to work hard in his recent GCSE. The advice and targeted work has helped my son to do well with his French. I have no hesitancy in recommending her highly and thank her profusely for her patience and commitment.  Katie McGoohan, Autumn 2018

 Absolutely delighted with Angela who has guided my two oldest home-educated girls over the last 5 years through their IGCSEs from scratch!  They both went from knowing no French to obtaining A* in their papers.  Angela is patient and calm and keeps lessons interesting.  I felt very confident that she prepared them well.  My youngest is currently studying French with her and enjoying it.  Chi-ann Rajah, Summer 2018

Angela has enabled my son to focus productively on his French and am sure has increased his grade. She has provided a realistic idea of the exam time tabling and structure. This has helped facilitate best use of the available time. She is extremely thorough, reliable, patient and effective and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her. Both my son and I can not thank her enough. My son achieved a B in his GCSE, before Angela became involved he lacked focus and direction and would not have passed French GCSE.  Katie McGoohan, Summer 2016

My son aged 15 had not learned French at school for over 2 years and wanted to take the subject at GCSE. The lessons with Angela were invaluable and provided good support, help & understanding in the subject & were a big boost to help my son achieve a grade A in French this year.  Salina Yildiz, Summer 2015

Angela’s tutor service is very good, affordable and when a student & family start to panic over a subject she brings calm and a positive, organised approach to get a result.  Caroline Lewis-Jones, Summer 2015

My daughter was struggling with her French GCSE work and was getting herself to the point where she wanted to drop the subject entirely. I called in the help of Angela for lessons at home once a week. She was patient and explained things to my daughter in a way that my daughter could understand. We are now just waiting on her GCSE results and in time my daughter intends to carry on to A LEVEL.

This wouldn't have been the case if we'd not found Angela. Highly recommend tutor indeed.  Sharon Roe, Summer 2014


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A level - AS and A2 Tuition also available - contact me for more information.


Typical GCSE Speaking and Writing Test Questions (all exam boards)

Quelle sorte de vacances préfères-tu? Et pourquoi?

Quel est le pays que tu aimerais visiter le plus au monde? Et pourquoi?

Quels sont les avantages/inconvénients d’habiter en ville ou à la campagne?

Quelle est ta matière préfèrée? Et pourquoi?

Décris une journée typique au collège.

Que penses-tu de ton uniforme scolaire?

Est-ce que tu t’entends bien avec ta famille?

Qu’est-ce que tu penses des gens qui fument?

Qu’est-ce qu’il faut faire pour rester en forme?

Si tu gagnais à la loterie, qu’est-ce que tu ferais?

Qu’est-ce que tu vas faire le weekend prochain?

Quel est le dernier film que tu as vu?  C’était comment?

I can offer tuition for any exam board and including the IGCSE exam, generally taken by home schooled children.

GCSE tuition is available in your home, my home or through Skype.   Fees vary depending on location/Skype and regularity of sessions.